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Dr. Fahima Dokhanchi
Factory manager and member of the

board of Pamin Industrial Group


Dr. Reza Jaafari
Founder and CEO of Pamin Industrial Group


About DR SUN

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Dr. Sun is one of the sub-brands of Pamin Industrial Group, which produces sports and food supplements

About Dr. Sun


Dr. Sun started its activities in 2017 and has been one of the well-known brands producing sports nutrition since then. Using the most recent
knowledge and pure raw materials, this brand has produced and launched more than 15 types of various sports nutrition.
Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, one of your main concerns is choosing the type of supplement to boost your physical strength and performance. As the supplements should be taken consistently, it is very important to select sports nutrition in accordance with international standards.
By Producing Dr. Sun’s sports products and supplements, we are responsible and committed to the product consumers and athletes’ health and resolve all your concerns.
Building muscle, losing fat, increasing physical strength, and proper nutrition are all the benefits of taking Dr. Sun's sports supplements.
As a particular advantage, Dr. Sun uses egg white powder, produced by Pamin Industrial Group, in the production of some of its sports supplements as a natural and completely pure protein source.
Dr. Sun's sports products and supplements are now available in reputable pharmacies across the country.

Dr. Sun sports nutrition
Dr. Sun sports nutrition
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