Introduction of Carbopower:

Carbopower is a supplement containing a mixture of carbohydrates. This supplement is known as a source of energy for athletes and helps them to have the necessary energy to continue their activities in different stages of sports. It is achived by increasing the energy level then athletes are able to perform more exercises and increase their endurance. Muscle regeneration after intense training is also improved and by using Carbopower, muscles regenerate significantly faster. Due to these features, Carbopower is very suitable for athletes who are expecting to increase their performance and need to delay fatigue and increase endurance. For this reason, choosing Carbopower can be one of the best decisions that athletes can make to improve their workout performance.
Dr. Sun Carbopower is a food supplement that claims to enhance the body’s strength and endurance in bodybuilding exercises. This product contains a variety of simple carbohydrates, which are the best substances that provide faster energy absorption and increase the body’s strength in bodybuilding and sports exercises. However, the thing to be aware of is that consuming too much of these carbohydrates can lead to problems such as obesity, diabetes and other digestive problems. For this reason, if you use Carbopower, you should pay attention to the amount of food you consume and it is better to take it with the doctor prescription.

Benefits of using Carbopower:

  1. Consuming Carbopower before exercise increases energy level and mobility of the athlete.
  2. Carbopower improves sports performance.
  3. Using Carbopower preserves muscle glycogen and makes your muscles have the required energy for exercise.
  4. Taking Carbopower helps athletes feel less tired after heavy training.
  5. The simple carbohydrates in Carbopower are quickly absorbed without needing to be digested and can be used as an energy source.

Carbopower medical recommendations:

Consult your doctor before using this product, especially if you have medical problems.
Carbopower recommended dosage can be changed based on your age, gender, weight and physical activity; Therefore, it is recommended to read the brochure and instructions before use.
For better results, it is suggested to take Carbopower before physical activity.
This supplement is not allowed for diabetics.


Servin size: 45 g

Fruit flavorCocoa flavor
Energy                              377 KCal358 KCal
Fat                                     0.03 g1.7 g
Carbohydrate                   92 g88 g
Protein                              0.1g2.5 g

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